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Explore which option fits your needs and learn more about each below:

Residential Misting Systems

Custom Systems built for your home and patio


We install, repair, refill and maintain new or existing insect mosquito misting systems. We use an assortment of misting systems that we will be custom designed for you, your home and backyard. Tulsa Mosquito Control (TMC)

installs a tankless or 55 gallon unit that runs a 1/4 inch nylon tubing under the eaves of your guttering, pool, fence line, garden beds, and more. Every 10ft or so a nozzle is installed that mist at a duration of the professional and home owners choice. Pricing varies depending on size of area covered.


Commercial Misting Systems  

Safe for customers and food service


We also offer misting systems at restaurants, outdoor patios, event venues, farms, ranches, barns and more. The solution used is safe for animals and customers and we customize your schedule to spray at the times that work best for your business clientele.Pricing varies depending on size of area covered.


Temporary Yard Spray Treaments  

Lower cost alternative & great option for parties


We offer one-time or monthly sprays as a quick and easy

alternative to a misting system. While these sprays are not as effective as a misting system, they are ideal for parties, commercial venues and temporary backyard repellant. These sprays are also safe for pets and landscaping and can be done quickly.

As low as $65 per spray


Fly Control Treatments  

Great solution for Resident or Commerical locations


Stop swatting at flies while on the patio! Our one-of-a-kind Fly Control Treatments are perfect for backyards, restaurant outdoor dining, event venues and anywhere you might swat! Treatments are done twice a month for maximum effectiveness. Treatments start at $150

Discreet Installations

Tulsa Mosquito Control takes pride in our installation process. Our goal is to provide you maximum comfortability as discreetly as possible. We customize all systems to match the color of your home and our skilled installers hide the system line as discreetly as possible. We also work around your schedule to install the system.



Misting System Options

Tulsa Mosquito Control provides an assortment of misting systems, ensuring that we will find the right misting system for your application. We offer tankless units as well as iMistAway - a way to monitor your system right from your cell phone. It also allows us to monitor your system to ensure consistent maintenance and service.





We are now offering a special on regular backpack spray treatments. For more information on this special please call 918-960-0777



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