Many customers wonder how safe the systems is and what's spraying out of the nozzles. They also may not know on what diseases the system can prevent from entering in their yard.

What is Pyrethrum? (Juice in System)


Pyrethrum is found in the Chrysanthemum plant, Chrysanthemum cineraariaefolium. Pyrethrum is found at particularly high concentration within flower structures known as achenes which are located in the flowerhead of the Chrysanthemum.




Will the insecticide harm my pets?


The insecticide that comes with your system has been used safely and effectively for over a quarter century around people and pets with no known harmful effects. Used a directed, it is considered low in toxicity to mammals.



How Safe Is Pyrethrum?


Pyrethrum has been extensively studied for its effects on people and the environment. Like all insecticides, pyrethrum is used to have a toxic effect on insects. Thus it is not correct to say that pyrethrum is "safe." At the same time, we are confident that pyrethrum has a very good toxicity profile. For mammals, doses that elicit toxic reactions are significantly larger than the exposures people typically experience in using pyrethrum based products.




How Does Pyrethrum Kill Insects?


Pyrethrum induces a toxic effect in insects when it penetrates the cuticle and reaches the nervous system. The pyrethrins that compose pyrethrum bind to sodium channels

that occur along the length of nerve cells. Sodium channels are responsible for nerve signal transmission along the length of the nerve cell by permitting the flux of sodium ions. When pyrethrins bind to sodium channels, normal function of the channels is obstructed thereby resulting in hyperexcitation if the nerve cell and, consequently, a loss of function of the nerve cell. The shutdown of the insect nervouse system and insect death are most often the consequences of insect exposure to pyrethrins.



We all know how aggravating insects can be. But lately there has been a sharp rise in the potentioal diseases carried by those insects.  Unwanted insects can make the outdoors an unberable environment. Tulsa Mosquito Control is here to help you get back to the things you enjoy.




There are two primary ways that insects transmit disease. The first is mechanical transmission. Similar to how humans track outdoor dirt and mud from unclean shoes into a home, flys and other insects can carry millions of microorganisms on their feet, which are harmful to jumans. With enough exposure, diseases can be passed onto humans. Insect can pick up contamination from such things as feces and other harmful environments. When insects land on our food, or when we are bitten, the opportunity for transmission of diseases is evident. It is on these occasions that deadlyillnesses such as trphoid, dysentery, or even cholera are contracted.


The second way insects can make us sick is through bites. Some of the world's deadliest diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and west nile virus are passed on in this manner. All together several million deaths occur every year from these threats. Insect bites can affect animals in our communities as well as humans.




West Nile Virus is primarily transferred to humans by mosquitoes. The West Nile Virus was first detected in the Western hemisphere in 1999. There have been more than 3,000 cases of West Nile Virus in the USA and more than 200 related deaths. Most infected people are never aware of their exposure until serious illnesses occur. Currently there is no way to screen blood or treat West Nile Virus. 


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